Ryanair: no more dumping!

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Ryanair: no more dumping!

Europe's largest low-cost airline Ryanair had to cancel up to 400 flights a day at the beginning of the autumn holidays. The reason were strikes of the employees against miserable wages and working conditions. The airline is now threatening with job cuts and site closures.

More than half of the Ryanair employees working in Germany have an Irish work contract through a temporary employment agency. Therefore no application of German workers' rights and social security. Many cabin workers earn only 1000 to 1,500 euros a month with a full-time position. The only hours paid are the hours flown, without a minimum hour guarantee. Continous temporary contracts and compulsory relocations are normal.

Ryanair: no more Dumping! ver.di Ryanair: no more dumping!

These wage-dumping practices have been made possible by the liberalisation of air traffic and ground handling services in the European Union. The EU Commission wants to push ahead with these practices by further opening the market also for non-European airlines.

Ver.di demands that Ryanair finally concludes collective agreements in Germany. The acts of intimidation must be withdrawn. Needed are wages and working conditions at least equivalent to those of other low-cost airlines. The national labour law of the respective location of deployment must be applied. Future take-off and landing rights may only be granted to companies that comply with the core UN labour standards and collective agreements.